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Black Hair

Updated: May 22, 2020

Black hair signifies excellence, magic, and power. My strong, thick, coarse, coily, kinky and beautiful hair represents my roots and the many struggles of my ancestors during slavery and times of oppression. It represents my culture and heritage of African peoples. This is why I rock my hair so proudly. I love my natural hair regardless of the effort it takes to maintain.

Regardless of the fact that this Eurocentric society deems my hair unprofessional, I unapologetically go to work wearing my afro. My hair signifies that I am Black and I’m proud. No matter how much we are overlooked, underpaid, judged, mistreated, or stereotyped as a race, I remind myself that my Black hair is a unique feature that God graced me with. It symbolizes the strength we possess while enduring the daily struggle.

Pictured is my other half, and together we rock our Black hair with pride. We are Black, strong, resilient, and powerful, and our hair will always represent that.

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