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Our mission is to support and empower melanated women with natural hair. We aspire to build self-esteem and confidence in women so they feel comfortable rocking their natural hair and realize their hair is beautiful regardless of length, texture, or style. We provide natural hair tools to simplify your natural hair journey. We also provide apparel such as T-shirts, Wash Day Dad Hats, Satin Lined Hoodies, and more which will have you feeling beautiful and confident while flaunting your natural curlz. 
































After receiving a damaging relaxer, my hair was continuously breaking and shedding. I decided to do "the big chop" on January 21, 2016. I was so nervous about embarking upon this new natural hair journey, but I was also excited. Along the way, I spent tons of money purchasing a plethora of hair products. I witnessed plenty of bad hair days and at one point I continued to keep my hair hidden under protective styles.  After alot of trial and error, two years into my natural hair journey I finally started to learn and understand my hair. I started to witness very fast growth and my curl pattern began to flourish. I would often get approached by other melanated women who would ask "how did you get your hair like that" or say "if my hair looked like yours I would definitely go natural." Despite the recent natural movements, it was evident there was still a lack of confidence within our community as well as a lack of knowledge on how to care for our hair. I decided to be the person to help fill in that void. 

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Meet The CEO 

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