Looking for long lasting moisture and supple soft curlz?! Our Wash Day Bundle will have you covered! This set includes our Curlz Stimluator 2.0 Brush, Curlz Detangler, Hydrating Curlz Mist, and Jumbo Curlz Microfiber Towel, Curl Clipz, Curlz Flax Cap. Take advantage of savings purchasing this bundle. The retail value purchasing everything separately is $69.99. Save 10% off with this bundle deal. Simplify your wash day routine with this perfect bundle that will cut your wash day time in half. Choose the color of your detangler you desire.

Curlz Wash Day Bundle

$79.99 Regular Price
$69.99Sale Price
  • This brush can help to remove product build up and exfoliate dead skin improving the scalp condition and promoting healthy growing hair. It is perfect to use during wash day! The silicone bristles stimulates the cells within the scalp and increases the blood flow which all result in growth. Simply use it to massage your scalp and penetrate the roots of your hair.