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Did you recently do the big CHOP or are you transitioning? Looking to promote growth and strong healthy hair? The Curlz Stimulator brush is perfect for promoting and retaining length. Simply massage the roots of the hair in a circular motion while removing product build up and stimulating blood flow within the scalp. This routine is ideal for the shower during shampooing/conditioning. Or after washing simply massage with your favorite leave in or growth oil. The Stimulator Brush stimulates blood flow, aids in hair loss, promotes growth, eliminates dandruff, removes excessive build up and strengthens hair roots resulting in strong flourishing curlz!  

Curlz Stimulator Brush

$9.99 Regular Price
$5.99Sale Price
  • Refunds, exchanges and store credits are not accepted on hair products, clothing, beauty products, or accessories. If there is an issue with your order please email us immediately. 

  • This brush can help to remove product build up and exfoliate dead skin improving the scalp condition and promoting healthy growing hair. It is perfect to use during wash day! The silicone bristles stimulates the cells within the scalp and increases the blood flow which all result in growth. Simply use it to massage your scalp and penetrate the roots of your hair. 

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